The founders of DevMate also run one of Europe’s leading Software Quality Management consultancies Software Quality Lab and Europe’s largest Software Quality Management conference - Software Quality Days.

It was through our experiences working with over four hundred large companies that we saw the need to help organizations not just “do testing”, but do it really well.

That’s why we built DevMate.

We believe that many companies looking to improve quality often focus on things that don’t really help. For example there is a widespread belief that aiming for high code coverage will result in higher quality. Code coverage, as a raw objective, is worth very little and says nothing about quality whatsoever, unless the quality of the tests is excellent.

We also believe that developers are not necessarily the best people to define test cases for their own code. Domain Experts, Product Managers and Owners and QA staff usually have a deep understanding of the requirements of functional units. We aim to empower those people to have a direct input into the developer testing process.

We are constantly enhancing DevMate and we love to engage with users across the who product team to see how we can help them achieve higher quality with less effort.