Our sister company, Software Quality Lab, consults to some of Europe’s SMEs and Enterprises. After looking at hundreds of codebases, we have often noticed an obsession with code coverage.

However, code coverage says absolutely nothing about application quality.

Even with 100% code coverage, it is very easy to write

  • unnecessary units tests

  • bad unit tests

  • unit tests that where the test requirements are conceived by the developer rather than the domain expert, PM, PO or QA Engineers (and are therefore often slightly wrong)

What really matters is that your write tests whose requirements are properly defined and properly implemented.

Of course, we can’t be critical of teams that have 100% coverage and write great unit tests. But in many cases, especially when refactoring legacy code, we would recommend you identify the areas of code that are important to quality and make sure that you have defined fully requirements led test cases from which you can write your unit tests.

DevMate can play a central role in speeding up testing and providing an excellent structure to support the whole product team. It helps reduce the amount of work required to generate your tests whether you’re using TDD or not. Developers can involve Domain Experts, PMs, POs and QA Engineers in defining requirements and test cases as well as generating the test code. This lets developer spend less time writing test code and more time writing functional code.