You will also find several examples of varying complexity that should cover most of the real world cases you will encounter.

Rather than providing complex all-in-one examples, we have broken the tutorials into units that cover one specific area of DevMate functionality. Once familiar with these, you should be able to address most of your real-world use cases.

Requests for more tutorials

We are always willing to add more tutorials if you feel we haven’t addressed all use cases. Please contact us at


DevMate uses formal terminology where helpful. As such, we you might want to refer to the Terminology and Jargon section.

Available Tutorials

Level 1

These cover the things most common cases. If you are evaluating DevMate this will help you understand the core functionality.

Level 2

These are more advanced things that cover other use cases you will encounter in the wild.

Level 3

Round off your DevMate knowledge.


The code for all tutorials is available on Github.