Required IntelliJ versions

DevMate runs on reasonably recent versions of IntelliJ.

You can check if DevMate is compatible with your IntelliJ version. Refer to Installing from the IntelliJ Marketplace below. Having located DevMate in the marketplace, click on the Versions tab.


You can install DevMate from Settings → Plugins in IntelliJ itself or from the Marketplace.

Installing from IntelliJ

If you prefer to install DevMate from within IntelliJ, follow these steps.

  • Go to IntelliJ → Settings → Plugins.

  1. Click Plugins

  2. Search for “DevMate”

  3. This button will say Disabled if DevMate was already installed otherwise Install, which you should click to start the installation.

Installing from the IntelliJ Marketplace

  • Head to the IntelliJ Marketplace web page and search for DevMate.

  • Install into IntelliJ as shown below. You will get a warning if you are running an older, unsupported of IntelliJ.

  • Check which version of IntelliJ is required to run the current (or older) DevMate version.

Post Installation

Once installation is complete and you run DevMate for the first time, you will be asked to register. You may use DevMate on a trial basis for one month.